“School bee” seeks new beekeepers

It remained exciting until the end. Schlieblich applied the all-or-nothing principle, according to which the educational project of the bamberger bienen-freunde is either financed or manovred out of existence. But then the chorus of jubilation from the organizers: "yes, we have reached the targeted funding amount of 8,000 euros", according to ilona munique, reinhold burger and other supporters of the initiative bees-life-in-bamberg.De. "The fixed amount was even slightly overfinanced by nature lovers with 107 percent (8520 euro)."

From 28. February
Since 28. In february the call for donations of the naturefriends, who do not want to accept the slow death of the honey collectors, was launched. It is well known that the bee population has been declining worldwide for decades, and the number of bees in the free state of bavaria has almost halved since the beginning of the 1990s. So the organizers hope for young beekeepers, whom they would like to reach through cooperation with the bamberg schools. "In order to improve the bee balance, we want to get children excited about this defensible little animal, but we need teaching materials as well as a curriculum that covers all subjects and grades", says ilona munique, who was still worried about her plan to save the volker 24 hours before the deadline expired. However, "so many local people, foreigners, politicians, traders and network friends have supported us that we can now teach bamberg's school communities about the importance of what is essentially the most important beneficial animal."

One third of the food
What people will face after the death of the honey collectors was already predicted by einstein with the words "once the bee disappears from the earth, man will have four years to live". Schlieblich according to the world food organization FAO, more than one-third of global food production depends on pollinating insects.

Supraregional and regional initiatives such as bienen-leben-in-bamberg are fighting against bee mortality.De. And finally, the beekeepers' rescue plan can be realized one by one. "Right after the whitsun vacations, there are a number of dates on the calendar", reports ilona munique. "For example, on 12. June the school bee in a first class of the gangolf school." Pictures that the children can continue to design, a syllable game and puzzles on the subject of "meadow in connection with bees had prepared the organizers. Books from which the bamberg school bee (alias ilona munique) reads aloud were allowed to remain in the classroom for a while longer. "My first-graders are very interested in reading, and we also go to the public library regularly," says ilona munique, reports judith endres as an elementary school teacher whose students are among the pioneers of the project.

From elementary school to high school
"The school bee will continue to fly to the martin school, the e.T.A-hoffmann-gymnasium and the nature conservation group of the open work for the handicapped of the lebenshilfe", according to ilona munique, who works with reinhold burger as a tandem partner and has already gained experience with two hirschaider school classes and participants in a VHS tour.

"Our goal is to gradually reach all of bamberg's schools", says the beekeeper. "Whether teachers invite us for a one-time visit or for a project week around the bee." Especially in view of the much too cool spring, the elective bamberger hopes for a good response. "We are running out of strong beekeepers. We urgently need young beekeepers – now and for the future."

By the way, anyone can become a bee sponsor themselves, like the director of the city's museums, regina hanemann. And where the "school bee" is going in the coming months, interested parties can find out more on the net via http://bamberger-schulbiene.Follow de.