Singing under the christmas tree

Singing under the christmas tree

A french christmas "singing under the christmas tree" with exclusively folk contributions, the performers around the "graatzer hecht’n dreigsang" offered on 2. Christmas day in the parish church of the holy trinity.

Contemplative peace

Together with the "kronicher madla" and the "kronicher drei veddel takt" the local actors were able to conjure up a 70-minute song in which french and alpine contributions play the main role. Alone the fluidum in the house of god was already worth all honor and provided for a homelige tendency. Whether the actors in french costumes, the set up crib in front of the actors or the christmas trees of the church in candlelight – everything radiated a contemplative calmness already at the beginning.

After heinrich geblein had buried the visitors in the fully occupied parish church and the "hecht’n dreigsang" had sung the the sudtirolean "andachtsjodler" (yodel) when the sound of the "graatzer hecht’n dreigsang" was heard, everyone was caught up in a special christmas atmosphere that unfortunately does not exist very often anymore. But the performers also showed great attention to detail. Thus the contributions were adapted one after the other from the liturgical time sequence of the christmas stories. With voices pure as bells the "kronicher maadla" brought the english grub or as he is also called in french the "angel of the lord" in french dialect to obey.

Dark and mysterious

The "search for a hermitage" then fitted into this sequence. The "hecht’n dreigsang" interpreted with much feeling the alpine text like a small manner choir and took the visitors to the events around the birth of the child jesus. The song "through bethlehem’s city" on fugte
seamlessly. The description of a winter forest had then the "kronicher dreivierteltakt" inne. The dark and mysterious tones of the double bass with guitar accompaniment alternated with the bright and lively sounds of the dulcimer and the "ziechkatz" from. In general, the four performers always managed to skilfully set the scene with their christmas folk music in between the song contributions and to create a change to the songs.

"It will come to pass"

The folk song "oh du mei simma" and the song "a star in the sky stands" the lower bavarian folk song composer and lyricist ferdinand neumaier told of the prophecies of the coming of a new king. On one of the most famous folk tunes "es wird scho glei dumpa" (it’s going to be dumpa) by the "hecht’n dreigesang" the musical contribution of the "three veddel beat" nestled in this sequence "A quiet way" to.

With the natural soundfulness of mannerstimmen it went then with "oh miraculous night" joyfully to the crib. With the old christmas song "still, still, still weil’s kindlein schlafen will" (quiet, quiet, because the little child wants to sleep) the scene at the manger came to life in the minds of the visitors. Contrary to the well-known song, however, this was performed with a rough looseness and lightness. The christmas joy of the shepherds was printed by the "kronicher maadla" with "ihr hirten guckt nauf" (you shepherds look up) from. Completely in the sign of the french folk music of the french composer F.W. From dittfurth and other composers from the lichtenfels area stood then the following contributions.

"They couldn’t do it better on TV" said one woman at the end of the concert. And she was right. Musically high quality folk music in such a way as on this evening is certainly not often to experience. The performers received a long round of applause for their sensitive singing and playing of christmas songs and melodies.