Sippschaft receive star of kitzingen

Sippschaft receive star of kitzingen

Court councillor walter vierrether has it and the artist theo steinbrenner likewise. We are talking about the "stern von kitzingen", which is awarded by the bavarian party (BP). On the weekend she was joined by a group that has been organizing the so-called "kitzingen meetings in the usa" for several years and calls itself "the kinship.

On saturday, in the old monastery cellar, the leader of the group, reinhard faltermeier, accepted the award on behalf of the group. He will present it at the next meeting in 2015, to men and women born in kitzingen and now living in the USA. Numerous guests of honor, among them mayor siegfried muller, city councillors and members of the state executive committee of the BP, had come to the award ceremony in the monastery cellar, where there was hardly enough room.

Uwe G. Hartmann, chairman of the BP, said the prize is awarded to people and groups who embody a sense of home and their love of their homeland: in keeping with the bavarian party’s motto "ich moch kitzi" (i like kitzi). "Kitzinger treffen in den USA" brings together people who have lived in the USA for decades and still have ties to their hometown. Most of them were women who met americans in kitzingen, got married and emigrated to the u.S. The women and men around faltermeier succeeded in locating many of these former kitzingers, which was not easy in view of the coarseness of the USA.

Theo steinbrenner gave a short eulogy for the laureates. This year’s award goes to a group that has maintained contact for many years and flies across the coarse pond every two years to maintain it. This commitment is impressive.

The event was livened up by memories and experiences of karin bohm, who recounted the time when the americans were everywhere in kitzingen and especially in the settlement and many a love affair took place.

The award was presented by claudia somorowsky, chairwoman of the youth organization of the bavarian party. Reinhard faltermeier thanked on behalf of the "kinship" for the award and OB muller for the support of the city. She regularly provides the group with gifts and memories of kitzingen before their trips to the u.S.