Spd sends mark reuther into the race for the presseck mayor’s office

Spd sends mark reuther into the race for the presseck mayor's office

The 51-year-old reichenbacher was unanimously elected as the top candidate for the municipal elections on 15 june. March put up.

"Completely unencumbered, neutral and committed"

Reuther is "completely unencumbered, neutral and committed", gerd leinfelder, who proposed him as a candidate, described him as follows. He therefore stands for a new beginning in the community, is competent and has already proven his leadership qualities in his business and as a trainer in the trade.

Presseck is geographically a bit out of the way, reuther admitted. But this is no reason to remain on the sidelines. After a connection to the high-speed internet, which does not yet exist in the town, presseck would also be an interesting location for businesses or start-ups. Flat land and vacant lots are available at lower cost than in other communities. Presseck is not badly located "up on the mountain".

In fact, the nearest freeway access is 17 kilometers away on well-maintained roads. This only had to be explained to potential new settlers, which he saw as one of his tasks. "Here, one must actively approach businesses."

"Taking the youth with us

"We must also involve young people, listen to them, implement their ideas as far as possible, and give them the right to vote, the applicant continued. This is the only way to keep the town alive and encourage young people to stay in presseck. At the same time, it is important to create the right conditions for the elderly so that they can remain in their familiar surroundings even in old age. This included the maintenance of care facilities, but also an offer for age-specific activities.

Fighting is also needed to improve infrastructure. At the moment, public transport is the only way to get to kulmbach. If you can’t have a regular service like in big cities, then you should look into other possibilities – ride-sharing, call cabs and burger buses were mentioned by reuther as possible alternatives. Overall, the town hall’s policies must become more transparent, and the townspeople must be involved in all projects, for example by asking them about their ideas for the design of the marketplace.

Breakfast in the town hall

Communication is generally important. A regular "breakfast at the town hall he envisages a weekend "where people can meet informally and get their complaints and suggestions directly to the mayor".

The meeting also unanimously approved the list of candidates for the municipal council.

The list of candidates

1. Mark reuther

2. Daniela gahn

3. Gerd leinfelder

4. Oliver schott

5. Norbert gareis

6. Stephan bodenschatz

7. Christian ziegler

8. Nicole kratkai

9. Horst nagel

10. Jurgen hohner

11. Christine sollner

12. Sven kern

13. Robert thern

14. Patrick hildner

15. Elmar gahn

16. Monika hirsch

17. Peter bader

18. Karin moebus

19. Lothar klier

20. Liane weber

21. Klaus seel,

22. Sonja klier

23. Manfred angles

24. Martin hillebrand

Substitutes: edi gareis and helmut hirsch.