The breitenbacher pay the days until the kirchweih

The breitenbacher pay the days until the kirchweih

From whichever direction you approach ebermannstadt, the slender tower of the parish church of st. Santa claus to see. Like a finger pointing heavenward.
154 years ago, on 18. October 1859, the neo-romanesque church was consecrated by archbishop michael von deinlein as the successor to a very old fortified church, which had already been expanded in 1308 and closed in 1838 due to the danger of collapse.

And now, on the weekend of the 154. Consecration day of the ebermannstadt parish church commemorated and celebrated. On sunday, 20. October, takes place at 10.30 o'clock the festive service, celebrated by pastor zlatko kidjemet, took place. It is performed by the catholic church choir under the direction of rudi kreuzer. An organ vespers at the heinze organ with a wide musical arc at 5 pm with the organists of the parish rudi kreuzer, reinhold and christoph wick and arne schmidt form the ecclesiastical frame of the church consecration celebration.

Happy decision
But also the secular kirchweihbrauche are maintained. This takes the burgerverein breitenbach in hand. Here a local historical curiosity comes to bear. The formerly independent political municipality of breitenbach was incorporated in 1939 by a legally effective government decision against the will of the vast majority of "bradenbecher" incorporated into the city of ebermannstadt.

Over the centuries, the two towns had become so intertwined that even old citizens with local knowledge could no longer tell the exact course of the border. What was certain, however, was that the parish church st. St. Nicholas lies on breitenbach ground.

The merger proved to be a success, and only jokingly the rivalry of breitenbacher "sautreiber" occasionally flares up or "saustecher against the ebermannstadter "hunger ladder" to.
However, the people of breitenbach still hold on to the old rights, and so the still ruhrige burgerverein breitenbach, which was founded in 1908, is responsible for the preservation of the heritage.

Two trees for the kirchweih
Today, friday, the kerwa begins at 5 pm with the horseradish meal in the heated tent on the seubwiese. The digging of the kerwa at 6 p.M. Is followed at 7 p.M. By a cozy kerwatreiben in the marquee with music by manfred kemmerth and gerd schertel.

On saturday, 19. October, the kerwasburschen meet at 12 o'clock for the hauling in of the kerwa trees in the forest. At 3 p.M., the children parade through the city with their own tree, together with the coarse and their spruce and from the upper gate. There the trees are cut by 15.45 p.M. In front of the former, now disused club pub "zum bayerischen put in the perpendicular. At the same time begins the tent operation, which continues from 20 o'clock with music with karl-heinz wagner.

Sunday begins at 10 a.M. With the "fruhschoppen" in the marquee. At 16 o'clock the betzenaustanzen stands on the program. From 10.30 a.M. To 6 p.M. The vendors offer their wares on the market square.
The "bradenbeecher kerwa" ends with an early pint on church fair monday from 10 a.M. And the burial of the kerwa on tuesday at 7 p.M.