The furnbacher show rough morals

The furnbacher show rough morals

"After 28 years, our DJK furnbach had to accept relegation to the A-class at the beginning of this season. Since 2014, three years ago, we have been playing together with TSV dankenfeld, and now the first games were about arriving here in the A-class, but also at least taking a good midfield position." This emphasized chairman stefan krug before the game in the fubball A-class schweinfurt 5 against the table neighbor FC augsfeld. The two sides parted with a fair 2:2 draw.

Krug has positive things to say about the DJK furnbach’s joint venture with TSV dankenfeld. "This actually works quite well among the board members. After the game schedule is published, we sit down with the game directors and determine, based on the schedule and festivities, whether the game will take place in dankenfeld or in furnbach." Despite the merger, the clubs have all the trouble to get the squad together for the games. Due to the shift work of industrial workers, the situation of the students or also due to stays abroad, players were absent again and again. This of course affects the work of the trainer steffen schrenker, who has just joined the team as a trainer.

The departure were hardly to cope with

Also game director rainer weinbeer openly addresses the problem of a too small squad. "We had four or five departures at the end of the season, and we can’t cope with that. We also wanted to postpone this game, but the opponent didn’t like it, so we had to use players from the second team as well.", he said before the kickoff.

With two victories, the season had actually started well, and the team had also ended with a draw against TSV zell, one of the top teams. Nevertheless, it could stand better. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. But he was satisfied with a draw against FC augsfeld because of the "rump team" already satisfied.

First half balanced

The first half was evenly matched for long stretches of the game. However, shortly before the break, furnbach’s defender jason hollington was shown the red card after a bump on the ball. For the hosts it came then in the 65. Minute to a curious situation. The dankenfeld goalkeeper signaled to the referee that the ball was broken and must be replaced. The leather was in the penalty area, and a player wanted to throw him out of bounds. However, the referee considered this as a hand game, and there were even some minor turmoil because of this decision. The steigerwalders appealed to the whistle man for fair play and also to the guest team. But it was no use, johannes derra converted the penalty to 0:1. In the 73rd. In the second minute, the guests even went up 0:2 after an arc lamp by timo hept, and the game seemed to be over.

But the home team now put everything on one card, and they succeeded with only ten men in the 80th minute. Minute the subsequent goal to 1:2. Only five minutes later, maurizio tassillo scored a free kick from 30 meters to equalize the score at 2:2, which was deserved due to the strong final quarter of an hour.

With this point, the SG furnbach/dankenfeld is in seventh place in the table and, with two games less, has the chance to push further up the table.