Untersiemau is in good (fool) hands

Untersiemau is in good (fool) hands

At 11 o’clock sharp.11 o’clock stormed on sunday the eleven council of the fire department untersiemau and the prince and princess, her sweetness jenny I. From the siemauer hirtenbergen, and their tollitat, prince felix I. From the hellerter waldbuhne, the town hall. The battle cry of the untersiemauer fools was often a powerful "untersiemau" to hear several times. The prince and princess and the council of eleven demanded the rathausschlussel from mayor rolf rosenbauer. "You’re trying to steal my thunder today, but I want to hear what you have to offer first, demanded the head of the municipality.

The prince and princess make a strong case for the construction of a home for senior citizens

Because the municipality should be in the fool time in good hands. The prince and princess want to fight for the construction of a senior citizens’ home and the mayor should then look after a playgroup there in his free time. The prince and princess also criticized the poor condition of the local thoroughfare. "We were afraid that our royal carriage would break apart." A working group has already been founded, which has already cost a lot of money of the municipality, they want to take it in charge. Furthermore, in the government statement was also mentioned the planned legend trail. It is also a saying that one starves and dies of thirst in untersiemau, because there are very few places to stop, the prince and princess emphasized.

Against dry throats and empty hikers’ stomachs

That’s why the prince and princess, together with their council of eleven, want to build a wanderhutte and rename it the "sagenschanke. There, the mayor is supposed to entertain the guests, he was given a crown by the prince and princess. However, before the dance with the princess, her sweetness, princess jenny I. From the shepherds’ mountains, again by itself loste. With that, the burgermeister had the laughs on his side. But the prince and princess also brought a chain of sausages for the head of the community to help pass the time off. So the mayor rolf rosenbauer had no other choice than to hand over the town hall’s exclave to the prince and princess. However, he will ask for it back on ash wednesday. Before the event, the rosenmontagsball will take place again in the school gymnasium.