What is plain text!?

"KLARTEXT!" And "KLARTEXT! In elementary school" are the media pedagogical school projects of the media group of upper franconia: oriented to the bavarian curricula, students of all school types and grades get to know the media daily newspaper, e-paper and online news portal in their lessons. With exercises, games and worksheets in the project-accompanying teaching material, children and young people discover how to read news correctly, how to recognize a safe source of information and how to check information – in short: CLARITY TEXT! Supports young people in learning how to use media safely and develop their media skills.

Who can use KLARTEXT!?

The projects are suitable for classes of all grades and all types of schools: elementary school students participate in "KLARTEXT! In elementary school", all from the 5. Year 1 with "KLARTEXT!". On request, we can provide classes with the teaching materials for both projects.

How KLARTEXT works!

Teachers can choose their preferred period each school year from more than 30 project periods (see registration). The project duration for elementary school classes is two, for 5th grade and above. Grade four weeks. We will of course take individual scheduling requests into account. During the selected project period, the participating classes will receive the daily newspaper in the classic style delivered directly to the school every day for free. In addition, schoolchildren and teachers have full access to the e-paper as well as all content on our site. This makes KLARTEXT! Also ideal for notebook classes!

Extensive teaching material for teachers and schoolchildren

What's in the article? How does a message differ from a comment?? Why does journalism work differently on the internet than in the printed newspaper?? We explain it: in our ring binders for elementary school teachers and for teachers of secondary schools.
With the support of media pedagogues, we have developed many teaching suggestions, exercises, games and worksheets that make safe use of the media child's play. The elementary school ringbook focuses on the comprehension of texts. The ringbook for classes from 5. Grade level especially introduces the different types of journalistic texts (news, commentary, gloss, etc.).) before.

Schoolchildren and teachers also receive a "newspaper about the newspaper" in comic style. It humorously covers the history of human communication, introduces the ingredients of good stories, and gives schoolchildren lots of tips on how to write an article themselves.

Brand new: under the heading "download", we offer participating school classes additional information digital teaching material with topic packages from current reporting. Plus, get tips from our pros on how to take good photos, write exciting articles, and use social networking sites. Here teachers can also find a rough view of all the sample articles from the ring binders – to print out or put together their own teaching sheets.

Journalism you can touch

"DIY – do it yourself!"The motto for schoolchildren is: anyone can become a journalist and write their own writing articles, which we publish in the newspaper and/or here on KLARTEXT!-publish your homepage.
On request a member of the editorial team visits the school class, introduces the journalist profession, answers questions and gives article tips.
On the other hand, we invite classes to join us in the central editorial office and the printing center in bamberg and show in age-appropriate tours how a modern media house works (please note that the contingent of tours is unfortunately limited).
And CLEAR TEXT!-classes experience even more: our project partner bayernwerk AG offers a variety of exciting excursions. Creativity and fun are on the agenda when the KLARTEXT!-editorial staff calls for action!

What does KLARTEXT cost!?

Nothing! Participation, all materials, editor visits and excursion offers are of course free of charge for participating school classes.

Our tips for KLARTEXT!-lessons

For many schoolchildren, the daily newspaper is something completely new. For a first orientation there is a "rally through the newspaper and the newsportal" prepared in the teachers-ringbooks and here in the download-area. In the "newspaper about the newspaper" you can look together at the partly adventurous history of human communication. In this comic newspaper you will also find a photo double page about the typical daily routine in an editorial office.

Further tips:

  • The schoolchildren were allowed to read the newspaper for 15 minutes. On infrances.De surfing. They then present their favorite article or their favorite photo to the class
  • Elementary school students create a newspaper notebook in which they paste their favorite articles and photos with a short description.
  • Use the many games, exercises and worksheets in the teaching material
  • Use the new theme packages for your lessons from the download area
  • Invite a member of the editorial team to your class (contact)
  • Book one of the exciting and free excursions of our project partners