Wind turbines please on the jura

Wind turbines please on the jura

The wind priority areas are currently sweeping through the town and municipal councils in upper franconia like a storm. The municipalities still have until friday to submit their comments to the regional planning association of upper franconia-west.
Bad staffelstein is affected by the areas draisdorf-west, puchitz-sud and tiefenroth-west. With different majorities, the city councils rejected all three areas. They may be removed from the list of priority areas. Mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) made it clear that the city only had to worry about the flat and the windmills planned for it, but not about the economic viability of it. This is exclusively a matter and risk of an investor.

Alternative flat at lame

But because the energy turnaround is desired, kohmann said, the council should propose an alternative flat to the planners. It is located between lahm and kummersreuth, is about 150 hectares in size and keeps all necessary distances to houses. The idea came from the "neue energie obermain" cooperative. Citizens can participate in this cooperative. Among them are also some city councilors, for example the faction spokesman of the SBUN, werner freitag.
That's why winfried ernst, spokesman for the free voters' group, wanted to know whether the cooperative had already secured land in the proposed area. Then, he argued, those involved themselves decided to have the area upgraded in their favor.
"I think it is a pity that they take up the subject. They want to make blob headlines again", answered mayor kohmann.
Hartwig hummer (CSU), who owns some of the affected areas, announced that he would not vote. But he also said: "to my knowledge, there have been no negotiations up there with any landowner yet."

Nature on the schlockenstein

His party colleague josef weis spoke about the untouched nature around the schlockenstein. There were also eagle owls who were certainly not particularly pleased about wind turbines.
The lichtenfels district nature conservation group supports the new flat, even though it is partly located in a landscape conservation area. The areas around the eagle owl nests he would like to see excluded.
Dieter leicht, spokesman for the SPD, emphasized that such an area could only be developed "with the approval of the people up there is possible.
The "new energies obermain the rate was again concerned. It was about a share of the cooperative, which would cost the city 500 euros. A sign and signal for the energy turnaround, the majority said. A minority rejected the participation. "We turned over every euro in our budget one by one. Such a participation is not a duty of the city. And we have been able to set good signs in many areas", said winfried ernst.
The city council then decided, with one vote against by josef weis, to propose the area kummersreuth-lahm to the regional planning association.

Water price rises

The council unanimously increased the water and sewer rates for the city area. The price of water increased from 1.20 euros net per cubic meter to 1.40 euros. The price of wastewater is also increasing. Until 31. December it still costs 1.36 euro, after that 1.50 euro. The seven percent value-added tax is added for consumers. Mayor jurgen kohmann justified the increase with the requirements of the bavarian municipal auditing association: the water supply must cover its costs. For this the association estimates the costs for the years 2012 to 2016 and it estimates the consumption. This then determines the necessary price that the city has to charge its burgers. In comparison with other municipalities, bad staffelstein operates both its water and its wastewater network extremely economically. Even after the increase, the city is still the most favorable municipality in the district of lichtenfels. The front-runner is burgkunstadt, where citizens already pay over two euros per cubic meter of fresh water and more than 2.60 euros for wastewater.